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53 (6).


Tamraa captured Bellamkonda and Rangarajukonda; he
vanquished in battle Ravu Singa, who bore the title of
Trilhuvanlraya; he saved Bahati Khan who sought his pro-
tection and took Odapalli with considerable skill.

Vi$nubhakii$udK&karam (unpublished).

53 (C).

He slew the army of the Grajapati near the hill of Nanda-
pura, and acquired the title of the Grajapati. Having defeated
in battle Srirangaraja of Bellamkonda and the chief of Odapalli,
he seized the wealth of their cities with great prowess.

He killed Ravu Singa who bore the title of Tribhuvanlr&ya
on the battle-field of Pedavldu and he offered protection to
Bahati Khan who submitted to him with much humility.

Uslbhyud&yam. (unpublished).



Vireneni Rangaraya, probably with the consent of
Kesanodiyalu of KondapalU granted to the Grod Tehinga
Vallabha of ^nkakolanu, a field on Sunday, Bhadrapada su 12,
3. S. 1367 Krodhana, so that religious merit might accrue to th&
kwg Vlrapratapa Devaraya (1). This sarvamanya gift of 12 puttis
of land, included in the fields of the village of Meduru, was
entrusted to the sthalaharanam, Kancerla Ramanna who was
required to spend its income in defraying the expenses of certain
items of worship of the deity. The terms of the grant were
engraved upon a stone which was set up in the village. The
same arrangement continued during the time when the
Gajapati was ruling the country (2)*,

Sarabhakavi : Adhyatmar%m&yanam (unpublished); TV. Cat. Tel. Mts.

Vol. HI, Pt iii, R. No. 315.

*This inscription, which was in existence at the time when, ^arabhakavi wrot« hi*
poem, has not been brought to light yet It is important as it shows that Kaggapalii and
its neighbourhood ware included in the dominions of Devaraya II in 1445 A.D.